Indira Gandhi Super Thermal Power Station (IGSTPS)
3X500 MW Power Station
Aravali Power Company Pvt Ltd. (APCPL)
400KV / 132KV Switchyard
Aravali Power Company Pvt Ltd. (APCPL)
STAGE I: 1500 MW(3X500 MW)
Aravali Power Company Pvt Ltd. (APCPL)
APCPL Township
Aravali Power Company Pvt Ltd. (APCPL)
  • Air pollution control devices (High Efficiency Electro-Static Precipitators) have been installed,
  • 275m high Chimney,
  • Cooling Towers,
  • Power Station has been designed on concept of “Zero Discharge” as a result 100% recirculation/ recycle of water and wastewater is being maintained,
  • Installation of Dust Extraction and Dust Suppression System (DE and DS System) in Coal Handling Area for control of dust emission,
  • Ash slurry disposal in ash ponds adopting High Concentration Slurry Disposal (HCSD) technique,
  • Installation of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) including Ash Water Recirculation System (AWRS),
  • Ash Management through Wet and Dry Ash collection system and the effective utilization of ash by different industries for manufacturing of products like cement, tiles, blocks, etc.,
  • Installation of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP),
  • Implementation of Solid Waste Management Plan,
  • Environment laboratory for regular Environment Monitoring,
  • Independent Environment Monitoring,
  • Green Belt Development, Afforestation and landscaping,
  • Campaigns for Environment consciousness,
  • Compliances with all legal and statutory requirements.

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